Tunen – the alternative for hedgelaying

The last few years hedgelaying has become more popular in the Netherlands, but this is not the only way of creating natural fences for the cattle. Another less familiar way of creating this is ’tunen’, which also gives a beautiful alternative for barbed wire.

At the VNC (Vereniging Nederlandse Cultuurlandschappen), where I volunteer, co-workers have created the so-called ’tuunhagen’ for years. This is how it works:

Wooden branches from pruned trees are cut in 1,5 meters. The thicker sticks are used to firm the haag. The thinner ones are used for the bundles.
Wooden sticks are put in the ground to firm the tuunhaag.
The bundles with thin brances are attached against the thicker branches.
At the end even thicker and longer branches are attached horizontally to keep the tuunhaag together,

Photos made by Joeri (day) and Anne Marie (night)

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Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is bomenenstruikenvanhier-295x300.jpg